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Welcome to MLC OnLine!

Authorization Signature
Click the signature Pad at the far left.  Next, while holding the left mouse button down, sign your name.  Click "Submit when you are satisfied.

Ready To Submit an Application?

Your Application Code, given to you by MLC, was validated  and your are Ready to Go!

The first step is for you to provide us authorization to pull you credit report, run a background check, validate your employment and rental history.  After you add your signature, press submit and click the "Accepted" button.

You may start the application and come back to it at anytime and complete it. You may navigate forward and backwards through the pages. All fields highlighted in "Red" are required to be completed.  Required to click the "Audit" image to validate your entries once all entered. There are many hints on the page.


Please ensure you have the following supporting documentation:


1. Two most recent Pay Stubs.

2. Individual Photo of both your SSN and Driver's License cards.
3. Information on your Credit Score, Work History and residency for past two years.

4. At least 1 Personal References.

5. Banking Account Information.
6. Debt and Creditor Informatio

You will be required to insert your Authorization Code to restart the application or re-visit it for updates so keep it handy.  

You may Call MLC at 214-385-0636 with any questions!

Thank You and Enjoy the Journey!

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