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Welcome to Lease Signing Section.

First, read the following:

The lease is divided into three major Sections:

(1.) Statements of Leases’ Specific Requirements,

(2.) General Statements of Leases’ Legal Facts and

(3.) Addendums and Tenant Signatures.

Any Paragraph Header Highlighted in Red in the "Statements of Leases’ Specific Requirements" is of distinct interest to our agreement that you need to read and understand.


Non-highlighted paragraphs in any of the three sections are required statements of legal and-or process related statements we are required to make in the lease agreement which are not of immediate, distinct interest but nevertheless legally applies to our agreement as any paragraph does. 
Navigation of the Lease: During the lease review, you can use the Table of Contents or ICONS located at the bottom of the page(scroll down), to zoom in and out, traverse the document forward or backwards, place the view in and out of fullscreen mode or skip around multiple pages. The PDF reader zoom and navigation controls are at the bottom of Web-page. To scroll Web-page, move your mouse out of the document area and then scroll up or down.  To Zoom click "+" Icon. Once the document is sized to your suitable viewing size, you can scroll web-Page back to top. You can use  the arrows on the left and right to move through the document one page at a time or you can use the Table of Contents to skip to any section-page desired. From the table of contents, press your "Ctrl" key and click the page # of the section you want to skip to. To scroll up and down within the zoomed Lease document, be sure your mouse is placed within the document screen area and then you can scroll it up or down.

Once you have reviewed the lease, Click "Exit and Sign" to go to the Lease Addendum-Signature section to review images of the property condition, Sign and Submit the lease.


You may Call MLC at 214-385-0636 with any questions.

Thank You.

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