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Supporting Documentation Upload Section

File Upload Successful !

File Upload Failed - File-Type must be ".png" or ."jpg" image file. Check File and retry.  If it presists, call 214-385-0636

Pay Stubs Image
SSN Card Image
Driver's License Image
Upload PayStubs
Upload SSN File
Upload DL File
Instructions - Terms and Conditions Approval
1. Select and read "Terms and Conditions".
2. Click  "Read, Understand and Approve".
3. Using the signature pad, sign your name.
4. Type in your full name below signature pad.
5. Click "Accept and Submit" Button.
Wait until the Check-Mark appears beside the upload button and then you may proceed to the next file upload
Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Application Section
Steps to Upload Documentation
1. Scan or take photo of the document.
2. Place the image in folder on your laptop.
3. Click appropriate "Upload Button" and select          the file (.png or .jpg) from the folder you stored.
4. Click "Open" button of File Panel.
5. Press the "Save File Now" Button.
6. Once the Check-Mark appears, proceed to next.
6. Must Repeat for each of the three documents.
Acceptance Signature
Click the signature Pad far left, while holding the  left mouse button down, sign your name. 
Please Print Your Full Name  Below
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