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  • Emergency Contact Information
    Emergency calls can be made 24 hours a day 7 days a week to : 214-385-0636. Voice Calls only. Text Messages are not Seen. Non-emergency calls from 08:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily only.
  • What are my Payment Options?
    Unless otherwise specified in your lease, all monthly Lease Payments are due on or before the first day of the month , otherwise they are classified as late and subject to late penalties as outlined in the lease agreement. Presently, payments are made by either using ZELLE and sending your payment to Metroplex Leasing Company, 254-334-2081 or by Direct Depositing your Lease Payment into Metroplex Lease's Chase Bank's Rental Account # 4891371761; Routing #111000614. We do not accept Cash Payments or Personal Checks. We will accept payments via Certified Funds. Emergency Payments can be arranged with Metroplex Lease. Thank You!
  • How Do I Renew My Lease?
    You have two Options Option One: Metroplex Leasing Company will mail you Lease Renewal Options Form approximately four weeks in advance of your Lease expiration. In the Form, you will be given all your renewal options, an option to not renew and notification of any lease changes. You can select your option, Agree to the Lease Changes, Sign the Form and mail in back to us 30 days in advance of your lease expiration. For Example if your Lease Expires on May 31st, you would receive a renewal form by April 8th. You would need to complete the form and return it to us no later than April 30th. Option Two: You can request a renewal of your lease using our Web-Site. Log-In to the web-site using your supplied UserID and Password. From the Home Page, Click on "Leasing Center", next click on "Access your Account", next, click on "View you Lease Renewal Options". From this screen, Click on "Request Lease Renewal". Finally, click the option you would like to select: Month-to-month, six-Month or 12-Month, then click the "I Approve" button which will submit your request to us. You will be contacted by email once we receive and review your request. For Further Details, please refer to your Lease agreement Under "Lease Termination". Thank you!
  • How Much Notice is Required for Lease Termination
    You should check your lease agreement for the exact number of days for notice. Typically it is 25, 30 or 45 but the Lease agreement will have the exact number. All Notices must be mailed to us USPS Certified Mail and received in our Office before the first day of the termination or renewal month. Remember, your last month's Lease Payment is due on or before the first day of the termination month.
  • Can I terminate my Lease Early
    Early Lease Termination Requests You Understand and Agree this lease is a legal, binding instrument for the entire term of the lease agreement or renewal period. All rents are due even if the tenant gives notice to terminate the lease early. There is no early termination option for this lease agreement except under extremely specific actions related to family violence or military service. Job transfers, loss of job, loss of income, Health Issues, Public Health Crisis-Pandemics or any other financial or other burdens or hardships suffered by tenant are not legal basis to terminate this lease. However, the lease can be bought out with a signed agreement between the tenant(s) and Landlord under these conditions: (1.) The tenant’s security deposit is forfeited and will not be refunded, (2.) Buyout of this lease is the amount equal to 1.5 months rents plus the Re-letting fee (amount equal to 1-Month's Rent) described under Default by Tenant or Acceleration of Rents. (3.) Tenant is liable for all items in this lease, cleaning charges, and any damage expenses. All lease-end requirements must still be executed by the tenant or party buying out lease; for example: cleaning etc.
  • Is Renter's Insurance Required?
    Yes, as described in the lease, section 28: "TENANT INSURANCE AND LIABILITIES REQUIREMENTS", Renter's Insurance is a requirement to lease our properties. When you signed your lease, you agreed to purchase Insurance to cover all the items we outlined in the lease as things our insurance will not cover. The list is long and complete; please read your lease for more details. Not having Renter's Insurance is a Lease Violation. For further information, please view the document entitled "Renter's Insurance" in the Notices section of our Web-site. Thank you!
  • What Factors Affect Lease Payments?
    There are several expenses that we do not control which has a direct impact on the leasing fee we have to charge: 1. Property Maintenance Expenses - Controlled mainly by Tenant. 2. Property Taxes - Set by the local elected officials. 3. Property Insurance - Set by state law. 4. Property Mortgage Payment - Set by bank or lending institution. Items 2, 3, and 4 are totally out of our control. Item 1 is fully in the tenant's control.
  • How Do Property Taxes Affect my Rent Payment
    Every Property is appraised each year to determine its Tax Value. This value is used by the taxing entities of the County to apply a tax for the property. A county can have 4 - 6 taxing entities; Dallas County has six taxing entities. Property Taxes are not a sharable expense and are a direct dollar for dollar expense on leasing the property.
  • Do Maintenance Expenses Affect My Lease Payment?
    The answer is yes, eventually maintenance cost incurred at the property affect the lease payment. A mis-conception many people have is that property maintenance is free; free Maintenance of the property is not a component of the lease payment, it is an operational expense. The lower this expense, the easier it is for us to keep rents low. There are several expenses that we do not control which has a direct impact on the leasing fee we have to charge: 1. Property Maintenance Expenses - Controlled mainly by Tenant. 2. Property Taxes - Set by the local elected officials. 3. Property Insurance - Set by state law. 4. Property Mortgage Payment - Set by bank or lending institution. Items 2, 3, and 4 are totally out of our control. Item 1 is fully in the tenant's control. As the primary occupant of the property, you control what goes down the kitchen sink drains, the sink drains, the toilets etc; you control how the carpet and wood flooring is treated and cared for; you control how doors and drawers are opened and closed; you control how the stove and oven are cleaned and maintained; and finally, you control how the entire property is kept and maintained.
  • What is Metroplex Lease's Mailing Address?
    Metroplex Leasing Company 1225 Overlook Court Whitney, Texas 76692. Company Website: MetroplexLease.Com All Binding Communications must be in writing, signed and mailed Certified Mail in care of Tony Johnston.
  • Utilities and Service Providers
    Utility Services outlined in this Agreement. Metroplex Leasing Company does not provide or get involved with any Utility Service to the rental unit for the tenant. All Utility Services are provided by third party service providers and that relationship, and all business transactions are solely between the Tenant and the specific Service Provider. Metroplex Leasing Company has NO liability or responsibility for any costs, nor any issues related to utility service companies such as water, electricity, TV Service, Mobile Phone, Internet, gas, or any service the tenant connects to the property. Water-City of McKinney, Electric -TXU Energy or other provider. The Tenant has complete responsibility and liability and shall pay all service fees and all costs for all utilities or services connected to the property, including but not exclusive to electricity, gas water, wastewater, garbage, telephone, alarm monitoring systems, and cable television, internet and for all costs for connecting, disconnecting, or turning utilities on or off to the property during any point in the term of this Lease.Tenant shall, at a minimum, keep electricity, gas (if applicable), water, wastewater, and garbage services to the property always during this Lease, and Tenant’s failure to do so shall be a default of this Lease. or services connected to the property, including but not exclusive to electricity, gas water, wastewater, garbage, telephone, alarm monitoring systems, and cable television, internet and for all costs for connecting, disconnecting, or turning utilities on or off to the property during any point in the term of this Lease.Tenant shall, at a minimum, keep electricity, gas (if applicable), water, wastewater, and garbage services to the property always during this Lease, and Tenant’s failure to do so shall be a default of this Lease.
  • Does the Property Insurance Affect Rent Payments?
    Yes - it is a direct dollar for Dollar expense and it is not a sharable expense. Homeowners insurance premiums for rental properties are expensive and are determined by many factors. Here are three... 1. Age of the home (newer homes can be cheaper to insure) 2. Home square footage (larger homes are more expensive to rebuild and have higher premiums) 3. Number of primary inhabitants (larger households increase potential liability)
  • Are these Pet Friendly Properties?
    We do maintain Pet Friendly Properties however that is determined at Lease Application Time. Many factors go into allowing Pets into our property but in general, we accept up to two pets; cats or small dogs 15lbs or less. If you allow any other dog or Cat on the premises, the lease is voided. We do not charge deposits or monthly rent for up to two cats. To have small Dogs, Tenants must pay a $325.00 non-refundable pet payment per pet, sign a separate Pet Agreement, be responsible for end-of-lease pet cleaning fee of $300.00, and pay a separate $35.00 a month per Pet Fee-payment for up to two pets. You Agree and Understand that unless both parties agree to pets in this document with a separate, valid Pet Agreement and the proper deposits made, the Tenant will not permit any OTHER pet, including mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, rodents, or insects on the Property, even temporarily. If Tenant violates this section, the lease agreement will be terminated. There will be a $300.00 cleaning fee applied to any tenant with Dogs at lease end. Service or Emotional Support Animals (ESA). It is a violation of Texas State Law and is classified as a criminal act to mis-represent the need for a Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal: “Texas Human Resources Code, Section 121.006. We will report any violations of this statute to the local authorities. We allow Texas Medially Certified-Registered Service Animals or Emotionally Support Animals without the need for a Security Deposit or pet rent as long as they fit the following criteria: 1. You are disabled and a Texas Licensed medical professional that has treated you and says you need the Service and-or ESA animal (you must provide us with current, dated , official medical documentation to the facts of your condition), and 2. The request doesn't create hardship for us or other tenants (for example, our ability to provide reasonable accommodation). We cannot accommodate an ESA animal other than a Cat or small dog. You must provide legal proof of the need for an Emotional Support Animal and get re-certified for the need of the animal each time we renew our agreement. You must sign a pet agreement and you will be subject to strict quarterly property inspections to ensure the animal is not damaging the property. If there are indications of pet damage found, the lease will be terminated with 30 days’ written notice. It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure the pet does not damage the property and if damage exists, it is professionally repaired.
  • Copies of Official Lease Documents
    The first copy given to you at lease signing is free but, If you have lost your Lease, Inventory and Condition Form or any other document, you can request a copy but there is a $18.95 fee associated with obtaining each copy of a document. You can request a copy by sending a letter to: Metroplex Lease 1225 Overlook Court Whitney, Texas 76692
  • Lease Payment - Lease Termination Month
    LAST MONTH RENT PRIOR TO LEASE TERMINTATION TPC Section 92.108. The last month’s rent in a lease termination or renewal month must be paid in full on the 1st day of the month prior to Close of Business which is defined as 6:00 PM local time. If Tenant does not make the last month’s rent payment on time, it is a breach of contract and any written notice of lease termination if sent by tenant will not be accepted. If there is any provision for an automatic renewal, it can be waived at landlord’s discretion on Landlord’s time frame. In either case, the tenant will be in breach of contract and in default of the lease; all rents plus the RELETTING FEE (as described in section “Acceleration of Rents”) will be accelerated, added to the outstanding rent balance and due immediately. The Security Deposit is not pre-paid rent and can’t be used as last month’s rent or any month’s rent, TPC Section 92.108. We will be forced to immediately file a civil suit against tenant(s) for violation of the Texas Property Code Statute 92.108.
  • Maintenance Requests
    It is important to understand the difference between Normal Wear and Tear and Damage. Metroplex Leasing Company will not repair items that you damage. If you have a non-emergency, normal wear and tear issue to report; click the Repair Request Icon on the Leasing Page of our Web-site and follow the directions. If you have an emergency repair issue; call us at 214-385-0636. Do Not Text Message us for any type of Repair Request; we will not get the text message. Thank You!
  • Air Conditioner or Heater Stopped
    Before Calling us, please check the main Electrical Breaker Box for a tripped circuit breaker. If that is ok, next check the batteries in the thermostat. If the thermostat has a digital display and the display is no longer visible then the batteries need to be changed. Click the Notices Page and review the Notice Entitled "Thermostat Maintenance". This is a link to a 2-minute YouTube video illustrating how to change the batteries in the thermostat:
  • How many cars can I have on property?
    The lease allows for 2-3 cars depending upon the driving ages of the people listed in the lease. Any car has to be operational, inspected and have a current registration. The City of Dallas patrols alleys and streets looking for cars that are not legally inspected and registered. They can and will fine you and even impound your vehicle. We have limited parking so only authorized vehicles should be parked at the property. Unregister, uninspected illegal vehicles in dis-repair will be towed at owner's expense
  • Lost Keys
    We can mail you a copy of the lost key but it will require a written-signed request to us from you mailed certified mail. There is a $35.00 administration fee. Mailing Address: Metroplex Lease 1225 Overlook Court Whitney, Texas 76692
  • Legally Binding Communications with Us
    All Legal binding copmmunications with us must be sent USPS Certified Mail; no exceptions.
  • Loss of Use of Rental Property
    If there is an event that ocurrs which causes us to shut down the property for repairs, we will reimburse the tenant for each day's prorated rent amount (Monthly rent divided by the number of days in the month) until the property can be occupied again. We will NOT pay for any of your alternative housing arrangement costs or associated costs. You are required to secure Renter's Insurance to cover any events that results in loss of use of the property. You are Required to obtain Alternative housing and Renter's Insurance to live in our properties. Soley our decision, but if the repair is projected to take longer than 15 days to correct, the leases will be voided, any prorated rent paid will be refunded.
  • House Guests - Sub-Letting - AirBnB
    Tenant shall not permit any guest to stay in the Property longer than five (5) days without Landlord’s written permission. If provided, Landlord’s written Rules and Regulations are hereby made a part of this Lease and a violation of the Rules and Regulations by Tenant, Tenant’s guests or other occupants is a default of this Lease. If the occupant is not listed under section “Use of Property” they have no rights to be occupying the property without our written permissions. Their occupancy could also affect the base rental rate outlined in section 3, page 1. Tenant shall not permit rental unit or any portion of the rental unit to be rented out by any means such as word of mouth, third party or by using any online website service such as AIRBNB for other person’s temporary lodging needs. Tenants is fully responsible for the behavior and safety of their guests, and Metroplex Leasing Company retains the right to run a tenant background check on any guest or long-term occupants
  • What will Metroplex Lease Repair?
    See Section 20: "REPAIRS, REQUEST FOR REPAIRS, REQUESTS FOR INSPECTIONS" and Section 21: "PROPERTY DAMAGES; RESPONSIBILITY FOR PROPERTY CONDITION" in the Lease Agreement. Metroplex Leasing Company will repair any item that fails due to Normal Wear and Tear. Items that fail due to Normal Wear and Tear does not include damaged items caused by the pre-mature deterioration or breakage of any property item from tenant’s negligence, carelessness, accident, improper care, improper use, abuse of the premises, improper use of the equipment, or chattels by the tenant, by a member of the tenant's household, or by a guest or invitee of the tenant. The rule of thumb is "If you break it or have neglected to properly care for it then you are responsible for fixing it." There is a considerable expense incurred when we have to travel to the property for any reason. If you call of out under false pretense of a repair when it is really damage, a service charge will be billed you. We will not unstop garbage disposals or fix disposal jams if it is jammed due to a foregin object getting into the drain. If you let something down into the disposal that causes a jam, it becomes your responsibility to repair. Jams are very easy to correct and we do provide an instruction aid in the "Notices" section that will attempt to direct you on how to correct it. We will repair-replace a disposal if it is end of life. Never try to unstop a jam by using a screw driver and hammer from the sink side. There is a proper way to unjam a disposal; see the maintenance aid in the Notices section for help on this issue.
  • Am I responsible for Damages?
    Yes... See Section 20: "REPAIRS, REQUEST FOR REPAIRS, REQUESTS FOR INSPECTIONS" and Section 21: "PROPERTY DAMAGES; RESPONSIBILITY FOR PROPERTY CONDITION" in the Lease Agreement. As a tenant who is renting a home, you have repair and maintenance responsiblities that may not be required in an apartment complex. It is important to understand that Normal wear and tear repairs are not be confused with Tenant caused damages. Normal Wear and Tear means deterioration that results from careful intended use of a single family dwelling, which includes breakage or malfunction due to normal life expectant age or deteriorated condition, but the term does not include pre-mature deterioration or breakage that results from tenant’s negligence, carelessness, accident, improper care, improper use, abuse of the premises, improper use of the equipment, or chattels by the tenant, by a member of the tenant's household, enemy, by a guest or invitee of the tenant. Rule of thumb is: “If you break it, you are responsible for repairing it.” As a tenant, you are fully responsible for cost of the damage and is to be reported to us within 7 to 10 days and repaired by an authorized licensed contractor within 30 days at tenant’s expense. Normal Expectant age is defined as an item’s expectant useful life if maintained and cared for under normal conditions. Damages to the property do not become an emergency event for Metroplex Leasing Company. The term 'Damage' applies to any action that causes the pre-mature deterioration or breakage of any property item from tenant’s negligence, carelessness, accident, improper care, improper use, abuse of the premises, improper use of the equipment, or chattels by the tenant, by a member of the tenant's household, or by a guest or invitee of the tenant. Analogy to Better Illustrate Suppose you rented me your personal car and it was clean and in very good condition when I took possession. I used it for 12 to 18 months and then I called requesting you come out to make some repairs to it. You came out and examined the car and found the follow issues: Large Dent in the front fender. Broken door window and a cracked windshield Scratched up paint on the hood. Broken Rear View Mirror. Hole in the carpet. Greasy and dirty Upholstery. Missing Keys and remote door locking device. Which of these items would you say to me: “Yea, that is expected normal wear and tear item and I will pay to have it Repaired?” The answer is “None of Them!”, you would expect me to pay for all these damages. In addition, your expectation is that each item would be repaired by a qualified individual and it would be returned in the same condition before the damage. For example: The Dent in the front fender must be repaired to the exact same condition it was in before the damage. It can’t be close to the same condition, it must be the same condition. We will repair any item that fails due to ‘Normal Wear and Tear’, but if you damage the property, you are responsible for having it properly repaired at your expense. Damages are easy to differentiate from Normal Wear and Tear. Remember, the monthly Rent Payments that you make do not cover any damage caused to the property, they only allow you the normal use of the property for one month. Damages are not normal events associated with renting another person’s property. We do not have an on-site maintenance guy waiting for a call to come and make damage repairs. Travel to the property is an expense and this expense directly impacts the rental fee each year.
  • What Maintenance Tasks am I responsible to perform?
    It is important to keep in mind that as a tenant of a home, you have a lease agreement responsibility in keeping the Property (inside and outside), including garage, carport, yards, all interior rooms, bathrooms, and appliances, clean, sanitary and free of pests. It is important to understand that paying a rental fee does not give anyone license to neglect the care of or to damage the property. You have the responsibility to be diligent in the care of the property and be proactive in preventing any property damages at all times. If something comes loose, tighten it up. If you see minor issues, correct them. It is important to understand that paying rent does not relieve you of responsibility to be diligent in the daily care of the property because rent payments do not cover the cost of property damage or abuse. As a tenant of a home, you understand that all occupants are to use and exhibit reasonable daily diligence in the care and up keep of the Property and at Tenant’s expense shall be responsible for, at a minimum, all costs associated with these classified responsibilities: Ensure that you report any unsafe or hazardous condition to us immediately by phoning 214-385-0636. Ensure that the Air Conditioning Air filter is changed every 90 days. If you don’t know, ask us. Ensure that the Smoke alarm is tested regularly; the battery is changed yearly and is in good working order. Ensure that the A/C thermostat battery is changed yearly and is in good working order. Ensure that the yard is mowed, water, maintained and in compliance with all City or HOA ordinances. We mow twice a month but if you want more frequent mowing, you will have to do it yourself. Ensure that there is no trash or junk items on the property and in compliance with all City or HOA ordinances. Ensure that the entire property is kept clean, free of leaking or standing water and sanitary; inside and outside. Do not stack trash bags or debris on the Grass; it will kill it. Ensure that all utilities are kept turned on, are in safe operational condition and not interrupted for lack of payment Ensure that there are no harsh, hazardous or ignitable liquids in or around property which could lead to fire. Ensure that the property is well maintained and follow the Repair Request Procedures fully and completely. Ensure that you vacuum and care for the carpets and wood flooring by cleaning regularly. Ensure that you keep the electric cook tops and ovens clean of grease and replace Grease Drip Pans on Cook Tops. Ensure that you keep the property inside and outside in compliance with all City or HOA ordinances. Ensure that you Eliminate and prevent any condition dangerous to health and safety caused by Tenant or tenant’s guests. Ensure that you are diligent in ensuring your own safety from acts of God or any weather related condition such as ice, wind, hail, fire, falling trees, tree limbs, lightening, and storms of all kinds. Ensure Wood Floor Care; keep all water or liquids off the floor; clean using a damp cloth, do not use harsh chemicals; do not drag heavy items or metal items across the floor. Ensure proper Pest control for any pests brought to premises by tenant, tenant’s family or guests. Do not do anything that causes plumbing stoppages where the damages or stoppages are caused by any foreign or improper objects (such as kids toys, feminine products, paper towels, newspaper, magazine pages, grease, hard objects) introduced to the sewer line or drain line by the tenant, tenant’s family. Do not use a screw driver and hammer to un-jam a garbage disposal jam. Do not allow grease to accumulated and become baked on cook tops, stoves and oven surfaces. No grease is to be poured down the sink, toilets or any house drain. No foreign objects flushed down the toilet, only human waste and reasonable amount of toilet paper; nothing else. No hard or foreign objects down the garbage disposal. No dishes with food or foreign objects on them are to be placed in the dishwasher. All dishes are to be cleared and rinsed off prior to placement in the dishwasher. Do not paint or modify any portion of the property without Metroplex Leasing Company’s written permission. Do not remove any item from the property; i.e. doors, ceiling fans, lights, door knobs. Door locks etc… Do not repair or have a third party repair any property damage without Metroplex Leasing Company’s knowledge and written permission. Do not jerk down on ceiling fan switch cords, this will break the cord or damage the switches. Do not turn water faucet handles using force. All faucets will shut off with a gentle twist. Stop applying force when the knob will no longer turn; otherwise, you may break or strip out the knob/handle. Do Not park any vehicles on the lawn, they are to be in designated parking places for your side of the property.
  • How Do I change the AC-Filter?
    All two bedroom units have the return air located in the hallway either in the ceiling or in the lower wall. The filter door can be loosened and dropped down exposing the filter which can be removed and replaced. Three bedroom units have the filter in the attic. The filter rack is located at the rear of the air handler that is located to your right or left as you ascend the attic stairs. Access to the filter is by removing the 1 " wide cover with the black knob. Once this 1" cover is removed, the filter can be slid out and a new one put in its place. There are arrow locators to assist in locating the filter location.
  • I Have a Water Leak Inside the House, what do I do?"
    Immediately turn the water leading to the leaking line off and then call us at 214-385-0636. All water supply lines have a shut-off value downstream. If nothing is available place a drip bucket to catch the water or if it is real bad, turn the water to the house off. Call us at 214-385-0636 and we can instruct you on how to proceed.
  • The A/C or Heater is Not Working, what do I do?"
    Before you call us, here are two things to check: 1. Be sure that the Thermostat Battery is not bad. If you look at the thermostat and can not see the digital display then the battery is dead and will not turn on the A/C. See the Notice "Thermostat Maintenance" for directions on chaning the battery. A short two-minute video can be watched that will help you change the battery. It is located at: 2. Be sure the Thermostat is operational and in the On poistion. The indoor fan should be running and also the outside unit should be running. If either is not running, check the breaker box for a "Tripped" breaker. If necessary rest the breaker. If neither of these are the problem, call us at 214-385-0636.
  • Tub and Sink Drain Line Maintenance Tips
    Please review the Notice "Not Down the Garbage Disposal" to ensure that you do not clog the disposal or the line leading from the kitchen sink by trying to pass material down and out the disposal. Once a year, pour a 1/2 bottle of Commerical strength Drano down the bathroom sinks and down the bathtub drain and let sit overnight. Hair collects in the J-Traps of the Tub and bathroom sink drains from continued use and if not periodically cleared, will result in a complete stoppage. Using the commercial stregth Drano (purchased at Home Depot) will clear out most hair related clogs. It is important that the drain not be used for 8 hours after pour the Drano down it; this gives the chemical time to break down the clog. Toilet clogs are the responsibility of the tenant. A plunger will clear most all toilet stoppages unless a mainline is backed up. For all main line stoppages, call us at 214-385-0636. Do not Email us.
  • Smoke Detectors Maintenance Agreement
    The following shall be deemed as part of and, to the extent in conflict, supersede provisions contained in the attached Lease. SMOKE ALARM By execution of this Smoke Alarm Addendum, you acknowledge that as of this date, your unit is equipped with one or more smoke alarms; that you have inspected the smoke alarm(s); and that you find it/them to be in good working order. The Property contains one (1) smoke detector in each bedroom or one in the hall that provides access to bedrooms, not the study or any other room designated. Tenant shall not remove or replace any smoke detector without Landlord’s written permission. Tenant shall regularly test the smoke detector(s). If Tenant finds any smoke detector is not functioning, Tenant shall immediately notify Landlord in writing. Landlord shall repair or replace the smoke detector(s) which are not functioning within a reasonable time after receipt of written notification from Tenant. Tenant shall replace all batteries in the smoke detector(s) at any time the batteries no longer function. REPAIR You agree that it is your duty to regularly test the smoke alarm(s) and agree to notify Landlord immediately in writing of any problem, defect, malfunction or failure of the smoke alarm(s). Within seven (7) days of actual receipt of such written notification by Landlord, Landlord shall use its best efforts to repair or replace the smoke alarm(s), assuming the availability of labor and materials. You agree that the Landlord has no duty to inspect or repair the smoke alarm if damage or a malfunction is caused by you, your family, or your guests or invitees unless you pay in advance the reasonable repair or replacement cost, including labor, materials, taxes and overhead. MAINTENANCE You agree to replace at your expense the smoke alarm(s) battery, if any, at any time the existing battery wears out and becomes unserviceable. The smoke alarm is an electrical device and as such is dependent on Resident maintaining electrical service pursuant to Paragraph 5 of the Apartment Lease Contract. YOU MUST NOT DISCONNECT OR INTENTIONALLY DAMAGE A SMOKE ALARM OR REMOVE THE BATTERY OF A SMOKE ALARM WITHOUT IMMEDIATELY REPLACING IT WITH A WORKING BATTERY. REPLACEMENT You agree to reimburse Landlord, upon request, for the cost of a new smoke alarm and the installation thereof in the event the existing smoke alarm(s) becomes damaged by you or your guests or invitees. You acknowledge and agree that Landlord has supplied the Unit with one or more smoke alarms, but that Landlord is not the operator, manufacturer, distributor, retailer or supplier of the smoke alarm(s); that You assume full and complete responsibility for all risk and hazards attributable to, connected with or in any way related to the operation, malfunction or failure of the smoke alarm(s), regardless of whether such malfunction or failure is attributable to, connected with, or in any way related to the use, operation, manufacture, distribution, repair, servicing, installation of said smoke alarm(s), or loss of electrical power. DISCLAIMER You acknowledge and agree that no representation, warranties, undertakings or promises, whether oral or implied, or otherwise, have been made by Landlord, its agents or employees to You regarding said smoke alarm(s), or the alleged performance of the same; Landlord neither makes nor adopts any warranty of any nature regarding said smoke alarm(s) and expressly disclaims all warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, of habitability, or any and all other express or implied warranties except as provided by statute. Landlord shall not be liable for damages or losses to person or property caused by (1) Your failure to regularly test the smoke alarm(s); (2) Your failure to notify Landlord of any problem, defect, malfunction or failure of the smoke alarm(s); (3) Your failure to maintain electrical service; (4) Theft of the smoke alarm(s) or its serviceable battery; and/or (5) False alarms produced by the smoke alarm(s). ENTIRE AGREEMENT The parties acknowledge that this written Addendum and the Lease is the entire agreement of the parties relative to the smoke alarm(s) in the above referenced apartment. Any agreement that in any way varies the terms of this Addendum shall be unenforceable and completely void unless such agreement is in writing and signed by both parties. In the event any part of this Smoke Alarm Addendum shall be rendered unenforceable, such action shall not render the balance of the Smoke Alarm Addendum invalid. TERM The term of this Addendum shall be the same term as the Lease or any renewal or extension of the Lease. I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS SMOKE ALARM ADDENDUM AND REALIZE IT PLACES A DUTY UPON THE RESIDENT TO REGULARLY TEST THE SMOKE ALARM(S) AND TO REPORT ALL MALFUNCTIONS TO LANDLORD IN WRITING.
  • Garbage disposal use and what is safe to put down it?
    First! Nothing Safe down the disposal without a lot of running water going down with it! Do not send material down and out of the disposal without running water! ​The Following Items DO Not Go Down the Disposal under any circumstance! Grease or oil. Just because it is out of sight does not mean the garbage disposal “disposed” of it. Usually, it solidifies and begins to build up in your drain pipes causing blockages. Not good!!! Vegetable peels. You might get away with it from time to time, but eventually this one will catch up with you–and leave you a soupy back-filled mess in your sink. Garbage disposals do not grind up peels–they’ll spit them up like an unhappy infant leaving the disposal stopped up or jammed! Egg shells. Believe or not, the membrane on the inside of the egg can wrap around the blades and wreak havoc causing jams. Better just to compost them. Coffee Grounds. These seem like they go down fine, but over time, the little grounds build up like sediment in the pipes, causing all sorts of serious plumbing trouble. Pits or seeds. Think: peach pits, avocado pits, cherries, etc. I am sure this one goes without mentioning, but it will basically rattle around in there like a pinball of destruction. Bones, Meat Chunks or any Hard or Semi-Hard Objects. DUH!!!! Anything in bulk. Feed your disposal small meals with running water, let it grind it up while water is running, then add more. Garbage. Think: cigarette butts or paper. It is not really designed for those sorts of things and will cause the disposal to jam. Rice and pasta. Basically, every time you turn the water on, the pasta and rice will continue to expand–even after your supposedly ground it up. Chicken Skin or Chicken Fat or Meat Trimmings! DUH!!! This will cost you big in plumbing repairs! Stringy veggies. Think: celery, corn husks, or even some types of lettuce. The stringy parts can wrap around the blades, causing resistance on the blades and stop up the drains.
  • Who is responsible for garbage disposal Jams?
    You are responsible for and garbage disposal jam or stoppage. Garbage Disposals jam and or stop up because a foregin object has been placed down the drain. The disposal will first hum, then it will trip the internal breaker that then prevents it from operating. How to fix a humming Disposal: One of the most common garbage disposal issues encountered is when the switch is flipped, and the disposal simply begins making a humming sound. The good news is that this is an easy fix. In fact, in most cases it only takes a matter of seconds to rectify the issue. The best part about this common issue is that in most instances anyone can fix the problem regardless of their skill-set. Keep in mind that when the disposal is humming this means that it is getting power but is not functioning properly. This is generally due to a jam. In almost all cases if your garbage disposal is humming it is because a foreign object is stuck in the disposal. If an item has been jammed in the blades of the disposal they will be unable to rotate. If this is the case, simply unplug the disposal under the sink then survey the drain hole. If you discover that an object is stuck in the blades of the disposal obtain a ¼ inch Allen wrench; they can be purchased at a Home Depot or Lowes. There is a breaker socket located on the bottom of most disposal brands; place the Allen wrench in the breaker socket and turn it back and forth. It may take a bit of work, but this will almost always clear the jam and unlock the source of the problem. Just be certain that the disposal is not turned on when doing this. Typically, you will have to reset the Red Breaker Switch. You reset the breaker by pushing the Red reset button located on the bottom of disposal. If the button has "tripped" push it and it could rectify the issue immediately. If none of the above methods have worked when it comes to fixing the humming of a garbage disposal, then chances are that the disposal is no longer operational and has reached the end of its life or it is rusted jammed; report this issue to us. Always remember to make sure the disposal is not plugged in when attempting any of these quick fixes. Additionally, avoid placing your hands directly near the blades in the disposal. It is better to use a tool to wedge out items or to check the blades for blockage.
  • What is considered an Emergency Repair?
    An emergency repair is somthing that like the following. Call us at 214-385-0636: 1. A Water Heater is not working or is leaking water. 2. All the sewer drain lines are backed up. Just one line backup is not an emergency call. 3. Any major water leak. 4. Heater is out on a very cold day. 5. A/C is out on a very hot day. 6. Any electrical issue that is not related to the Electrical Utility Service Provider. If it is not one of these events, it is not an emergency. Your call will be taken during normal business hours Monday through Friday 09:00 am to 05:00 PM. For personal emergencies like Domestic Violence, break-ins etc... Call 911. For Fire call 911.
  • The Water Heater is Leaking! What do I do?
    Turn the supply water value to off, call us at 214-385-0636. Mop up excess water off wood floors or use towels to spoonge up excess water.
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